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Orkidstudio works to benefit communities through innovative architecture, construction and social enterprise.

We believe that creativity has the power to inspire and instil pride within people regardless of race, nationality or circumstance and we use architecture, design and enterprise as tools for relieving poverty and transforming lives.

Our build projects focus on the process of design and construction rather than just the final product. We believe this process is a powerful tool for affecting social change and empowering people through the sharing of skills and knowledge on site.

With a strong belief in the power of enterprise to affect social change, we work on projects and with partners that support and drive the local economy. We engage local resources and women in construction to create high quality built spaces that promote health, education and equality.


The look or feel of a building and its ability to engage our senses, to inspire and excite, can have a significant impact on a community

Design & Construction

Our experienced team deliver projects in close collaboration with the local communities we serve, looking carefully at local resources, climate, culture and skills, to ensure high quality construction standards and maximise social impact.

If you have a project that could benefit from our unique approach to practice, hire us today.


The design and construction process can promote equality and help break down boundaries

Enterprise & Development

For many, the means to build relies on foreign aid or making use of sub-standard structures. We believe that by engaging with market opportunities, enterprise and financing models, we can help people expand their earning potential and facilitate self-sufficient access to construction needs and other living costs.


Promoting long-term social and economic development, we seek to create new enterprise opportunities and use the process of design and construction to empower people to take control of their own development.

Research & Innovation

Innovation is a key element to our work, be it in design and construction or through new enterprise and development models. Alongside a number of partners and our involvement in post-graduate education, we are engaged in research which seeks to push boundaries and challenge how we work.


Architecture is more than just the final product. We believe that the process of building can be used as a platform for exchanging skills and knowledge to develop new and innovative methods of construction which respond better to climate and local economies.

Education & Engagement

Working with others creates a platform for shared learning. Through our projects we encourage the teaching of skills and ideas, helping increase local knowledge as well as our own and equipping people to build better. We also run school programmes, lectures and exhibitions, engaging people in the UK and overseas in our work.