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We believe everyone has the right to good design and access to healthy, inspiring and dignified spaces.


Our projects focus on the process of construction rather than just the final product. We believe this process is a powerful tool for affecting social change and empowering people through the sharing of skills and knowledge on site.

Building collectively brings communities together, supports local economic growth, empowers, instils pride, and leaves a legacy that reaches far beyond final completion.


Our approach is founded on a celebration of local people and resources. We select local materials and source from nearby suppliers, supporting the economies around our sites and promoting sustainable and responsible procurement.

We employ locally, hiring from those living closest to our sites with a strong focus on engaging women in construction, and invest time in training and building leadership skills to support the future development of those we work with.


Local materials are often the most appropriate for climate, culture and comfort, however growing aspirations for better quality of living has led many towards far less suitable yet modern products and methods of building.

Our diverse team drive forward a collaborative design approach which uncovers opportunities to innovate with the most basic of local materials, creating new and better solutions which remain sensitive to their context.