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Bomnong L'or Week 6 - Washed Out

It has been a week full of birthdays! We had four to celebrate, Ruth, Josie, Marie and David who is now back in Glasgow. We ate lots of green Cambodian cake and even made chocolate cornflake cake despite limited cooking tools.

Rainy season is now in full swing. Every day of this week we have woken to heavy downpours, with anything from incessant drizzle to wild monsoon rains. On some days it has cleared up in the afternoons, allowing us to do jobs like welding that can't be done in heavy rain.

We used the rain as an opportunity to do lots of painting using tarpaulin tents to keep the steel dry. The roof beams, floor L plates, 27 roof trusses and 44 roof joists all got a coat of red oxide paint to stop them rusting and the chosen colour, a greyish teal, over that. The trusses were so large that we had an interesting time arranging them on site, making some fantastically complicated paths.

Nead and our new welder Tun have been incredibly handy this week, working with the truss team to get the trusses installed in both Building A and B. They also welded the steel floor decks for the main buildings and the soap building on which the brick floors will sit. Also making progress was the walkway which bridges between the two main classroom blocks and supports the stairs to ground level below.

The ground level is also changing. The masons have continued building the walls of the septic tank, south and north plinths. They are now being backfilled to create a raised access route to the soap building and toilet block on the opposite side. It also separates the play area from the circulation space.

The week ended on a high with a fantastic dinner at one of our local team, Bun Heng's home, with Tun and Nead who have also been working with us. Ni, one of the teachers at the Goodwill Centre, who has been doing a great job of preparing our daily lunches, made a delicious selection of dishes and we danced to Cambodian music including the ever popular “Loca Loca".

Most of the team headed to Kampot for a weekend of rest, enjoying the quiet riverside town with its stunning French colonial architecture. We're now ready for the final push!