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Swawou Project Week 01 - The Fun Begins

Week One on site has been a great success! To kick start the whole process we laid the corner stones to the site with the surveyor, teachers and children to demarcate our boundary. The site is a lovely spot with no direct neighbours, and surrounded by streets on all four sides. The girls enjoyed themselves; meeting us and getting to take part in the pouring of the concrete.

We met with our neighbours, the military, to find out whether they would want to be involved in the build in any way and the officers at the top agreed to provide us with night time security on site as well as use of one of their nearby stores for safe and secure keeping of our materials. An extremely kind offer and many of their officers were also eager to get involved in the dirty work as well, volunteering for some of the hard labour.

The local community have been very welcoming and interested in the project and on the first day on site, despite having a list of recommended youth that live at the barracks from the RSL on site we also received a large amount of interest from local men interested in any work we could offer. The response was overwhelming!

We got our own hands fairly dirty within the first week as well, setting out the building and erecting stakes. We also managed to sort out a connection to the mainline water supply which means drinking water direct to site for use during construction and once the building is complete. The girls were on site for the first drop of water and they really enjoyed it!

We are now looking forward to the arrival of the locally fired mud-bricks next week and our third member of the team, Paul (a previous Orkidstudio volunteer on the Mutende Project II in Zambia) arrives too!