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Swawou Project Week 04 - A Quarter Of The Way Through

This week has progressed at a steady pace, with our excellent team of local helpers working hard on mixing and laying the concrete floors. At the same time we have had the masonry team pushing on with the brick foundations of the next classroom block. Some small landscaping around Block A has really brought the space to life and we can stand in the computer and staff room and really imagine what the finished space will feel like.

At the beginning of the week we hired some local women to transport the blocks around the site. They did a excellent job, and we hope they will continue to be part of the project. They moved so many blocks in the two days they were on site that we didn't need them for the rest of the week!

It rained again this week, which was very timely, helping to cure the concrete and meaning that we didn't need to water the blocks and concrete each morning. We just hope the heavy downpours of the impending rainy season don't arrive too early, with plenty of work still to do before we can get the roof on!

The masons are really impressing us, they have some good skills and work well together to produce what we are looking for and the core team we have has been outstanding this week. More chain work and constant concrete mixing preceded a big 'end-of-week' lunch, prepared by the school's cook, and kindly donated by Hadi Kefel, a local shop owner who has donated some money towards the construction and which we decided to use for a treat for the workers every once in a while to keep morale high and show our appreciated for their hard work. Most days the workers just have a small lunch from local women who bring their home cooking to the site to sell so this was a real treat...and gone in under three minutes!

Having maintained a strenuous six day week up until now, we decided to take Saturday off, allowing ourselves and the whole team a chance to relax and refresh ahead of a busy period ahead. We still have plenty to fill our weekend though, with designs to be finalised, suppliers to be contacted, and hopefully a local 'Star' beer or two and catch up on some sleep! Looking forward to next week as work continues and the new school steadily rises above the ground.