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Swawou Project Week 08 - Holiday Spirit

On Sunday we finally got a whole day off, after weeks of working a seven day week, we finally made time to relax. We had a little lie in the morning, found a place that did pancakes for breakfast and then headed to the local river beach. There was a festival on which we had to pay entry for, so the beach was really crowded with lots of PA systems and plenty of dancing. We hired a canoe to take us across to the other side of the river where we could observe the fun from afar, have a swim and relax on our own before heading back over when the sun was setting to join the party. 

Back to work on Monday, and unfortunatley there has been a number of setbacks with shortages of materials from Freetown. Our masons were off for two days before our new supply of bricks arrived and the roofing welders had to head home a few days early at the end of the week as our steel order hadn’t arrived. Added to that it is the Easter Weekend so everyone is in the holiday spirit. Shops are closed, banks are closed no one is working. So, embracing the holidays we provided lunch for the workers and had a site cleanup before closing the site for Easter Sunday and Easter Monday. We are going to go on a small break ourselves. We are planning to leave early Sunday morning and drive down south to the Moa River to Tiwia Island, where the pygmy hippos live…let’s hope we catch sight of some!

Photograph by Lina Moses

Photograph by Ahmed Jaward and Musa Konneh.

Photograph by Lina Moses