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Swawou Project Week 13 - Proudly On Display

There has been plenty of momentum this week on site with many jobs finished and completed like the masonry, mural and latrine. Each of the classes at the school came out one day at a time to paint the mural, finishing it off for Becky who left at the end of last week. It’s a lovely bright welcome as you walk from the other side of the river to the site. As the latrine workers stopped digging we have been able to take down the tarpaulin shelter protecting it from the rain and so the mural is proudly on display for everyone to see.

The masonry for all the classroom blocks is finally complete. The masons have done a superb job and keep saying how proud they are of what they have accomplished. They aren’t leaving us yet though, and are staying on to help with plastering and floor finishes.

The steel roof structure is completed on two of the blocks and we are on to the third one this week, and will also begin fitting the corrugated roof sheets. We intend on training our core team of local guys to do this work.

External landscaping is taking shape, as the masons form our rainwater collection pool at the far side of the building. Being here during the rainy season has been useful, despite the inevitable delays to progress, as it has enabled us to appreciate the extent of rainwater that falls and design the rainwater collection system appropriately.

The students from the Welsh School of Architecture have been on top form this week, picking and mixing the colours for the windows and doors of each classroom, finalising their design for the school furniture which will be made by a local carpenter and his team, and finally turning the old sawmill foundation ruins at the far side of the site into a safe and usable playground space. Their time here has been extremely beneficial and they have loved being involved in all aspects of the build process.

We eagerly await the arrival of Kirsty Wood, one of the Swawou School’s co-founders and directors. She arrives this weekend and we are all excited to meet her and show her around this new building that she has imagined for many years.