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We love to hear from talented and socially-driven people and organisations, helping us build on our service and impact.

Your Passion

We look for people and organisations driven to create social change through building, whether to join our team, gain experience or support our Impact Programs through funding or other strategic partnerships.

Working for Good

Our end-to-end process is collaborative, impact focused and efficient. We engage local community teams who join us during design and construction, adding to our team their own unique skills and experience.

In A Dynamic Team

Our team consists of people from a diverse range of backgrounds, including talented architects, engineers and project managers. We are always willing to learn from others, and share our own skills. Joining us can be a rich experience for anyone and we welcome people from every background and sector.

Get in touch today

We advertise all of our professional vacancies, with current openings posted below. To apply for an externship and gain valuable experience as a student, graduate or professional, please send your CV and portfolio (if applicable) to apply@orkidstudio.org.

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Business Development Lead for Affordable Housing