Join Us

Our process is collaborative and across our projects we engage with different teams who join us during design and construction, adding to our team their own unique skills and experience.

We are always willing to learn from others, and share our own skills. Joining us can be a rich experience for anyone and we welcome people from every background and sector.


With projects starting frequently around the world, we are always on the look out for individuals who are able to join us for short periods - whether for a few months in our Nairobi office or overseas on a project. Joining us as an intern means taking on responsibility to help us make an impact in communities, and working with us will give you an opportunity to gain valuable experience in architecture, development work, social enterprise and more.

Please send your cv/portfolio to

Work For Us

Orkidstudio is a dynamic organisation, with many ongoing projects around the world. If you are interested in joining our team, either as part of our Nairobi based office or on a regional project team, then please get in touch. We publicly advertise all openings and opportunities, so please continue to check back for the latest news.

We look for people who are passionate about people and community, and who share our vision to see social change through building. Skills in architecture, construction, project management, economics, international development, and administration are very valuable to us, but if you think you could bring something else to our team then please let us know!

Please send us a message with your cv/portfolio to