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Shea trees grow wild throughout the African savannah and are one of the most under-utilised resources on the continent. Each tree produces shea nuts which can be sustainably processed to create valuable skin-care products. Here in Scotland, Trade Right International CIC work directly with disadvantaged communities in northern Ghana where local women produce the raw shea product. This is then shipped to Greenock where it is hand crafted into a unique range of luxurious cosmetic products (Carishea) by a team of rehabilitated addicts from the local area.

Orkidstudio have teamed up with this exciting enterprise to provide the facilities required on the ground in Ghana to expand production. With few examples to look to, this project presents a unique architectural design challenge.

In this model, profit is generated by Trade Right International through the sale of Carishea on the cosmetics market in Europe, and is then used to pay fair wages to those in Scotland and Ghana. Surplus profit is then reinvested back into the community in Ghana, helping match fund the construction of key public buildings, including schools, hospitals and even mortuaries, with Orkidstudio design and construction support.

Location: Ghana

Year: 2015 - present