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Creative Communities

Creative Communities is an initiative run by award-winning author Kirstin Zhang (Glassmen) working with children and young people in Inverclyde and Renfrewshire, Scotland.

In 2014, Orkidstudio teamed up with Kirstin to deliver a series of workshops exploring the meaning of 'home' and 'shelter', with inspiration taken from the Scottish national initiative ‘Homecoming 2014’ and our work across low income nations worldwide.

The children involved, from a range of local schools, were invited to consider what 'home' means to them through looking at their own houses and localities as well as exploring how other people live across the globe. The project also introduced primary school children to the concept of design and architecture, taking the ideas of 'home' forward into a challenge to build a series of single-space shelters our of cardboard, willow, tarpaulin and rope.

Special thanks to Ryan McGaffney (Architecture student, Mackintosh School of Architecture).

Location: Renfrewshire, United Kingdom

Collaborator: Kirsten Zhang

Location: United Kingdom

Year: 2014