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"By delivering quality health care, you also need to have quality equipment and design. Treatment is not only giving medicine. You have to have that conducive and dignified space so that the patient can be handled with proper care."

Coster, Sachibondu Hospital

We believe everyone has the right to good design and access to healthy, inspiring and dignified spaces.


Africa’s population is growing fast; by the end of this century, 40% of the global population will reside in Africa. By 2030, more than 50% of those living in Africa will reside in cities. Africa has an alarming lack of skilled designers and construction professionals, whilst existing and overburdened infrastructure remains sub-standard for human occupation.

If not properly planned for, the huge pressure that this population boom will exert on Africa’s cities will lead to a dramatic rise in public health issues, more pronounced inequalities, and increasing strains on our fragile environment and climate.


By creating spaces which are well lit, properly ventilated, and comfortable to be in, based on an understanding of local health risks, social behaviours, cultural systems and personal user needs, we can help improve public and user health and well-being beyond the building.

This approach works in rural areas, where there is great value in enhancing the internal comfort of buildings and improving functionality, and in high density urban areas where the spaces around and between buildings must also form an integral part of the design.


We employ a human-centred design approach, developing meaningful relationships with those we design and build for to better understand their challenges, needs and aspirations. From the overall concept to the detail of materials and finishes, we consider the building through the lens of the people who will use it day in and day out, creating spaces that are functional, attractive, comfortable and above all, dignified.