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“Working together with the ladies, for them to help and encourage others to follow was very nice. So we have to hire them and build with them so that we can help each other.”

Charles Mayani

Sharing skills and knowledge, our work inspires and creates new opportunities.


Number of people living below $3.10 per day employed and trained.


Of those employed and trained are under 35 years old.


All persons employed live within a 10km radius of our sites.


We believe that education is fundamental to meaningful and lasting development. The majority of the African population have no access to professional, good quality design and construction. Disrupting this situation is critical to advancing living conditions, public infrastructure and health.


We engage local workforces with a particular focus on young people and women in construction. We use the process of construction to empower others through the sharing and exchange of skills and knowledge on site.


Our work provides education in design and trade skills, leadership and cooperation. We support those we train to obtain future employment or pursue other careers, ensuring that the outcomes of our education programs can be applied to a wide range of future opportunities.