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"By delivering quality health care, you also need to have quality equipment and design. Treatment is not only giving medicine. You have to have that conducive space so that the patient can be handled with proper care."

Coster Chitundu

Designing for health, we believe everyone has the right to access healthy and dignified spaces.


We believe that good design can heal. In both the provision of healthcare infrastructure as well as other public and private buildings, we have a responsibility to create spaces which enhance physical and mental well-being, and minimize the spread of infection and disease.


By delivering spaces which are well lit, effectively ventilated, comfortable to be in and are based on an understanding of local health risks and healthcare practices, we can help improve health and well-being beyond the building.


Healthcare: We design patient spaces which connect to nature and create peaceful and holistic spaces for healing. We take the time to speak with patients, staff and other community members, and work closely with medical professionals to design effectively for patient flows, health delivery systems and emergency response.

Public Health: Good health and well-being starts at home. We approach all of our work – housing, schools, public buildings – with a focus on creating healthy and engaging spaces designed for optimum environmental performance and user comfort.