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KOG Chicken Shed

Long term development is only possible when people and communities are equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to take control of their lives and are empowered to take a central position in the shaping of their collective futures. Architects can play a critical role in this process, drawing together specific skills alongside wider entrepreneurial thinking, and making a shift from acting solely as service provider to market innovator.

Following the success of the Mutende Project I chicken shed and in collaboration with the Mackintosh School of Architecture (The Glasgow School of Art), The KOG Chicken Shed project aims to provide a catalyst for long term development for the St Jerome's Centre in Nakuru, Kenya. The aim of the livestock shed is to give young people the vocational skills and knowledge that will enable them to prosper in the future, as well as providing a source of subsistence and income for the Centre.

Location: Nakuru, Kenya

Client: St Jerome's Centre

Collaborator: Mackintosh School of Architecture

Engineers: StructureMode

Year: 2014

Size: 80m2