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Agriculture in Cameroon is one of the country’s main economic resources and is critical for ensuring future food security. Currently, Cameroon’s farmers are largely elderly people ranging from 55 to 70 years. They follow traditional practices, often resulting in poor returns. As a result, farming has been avoided by the nation’s youth, who see it as a job for only the illiterate, poor and old, turning instead towards the cities where unemployment is high. Faced with desperate poverty and even starvation, many turn to substance abuse, violence and crime.

Orkidstudio and partners are working with the Kuk Village Development Association to address this problem by training young people to grow high-quality crops and livestock that can be sold to develop income and employment opportunities. Kuk is a remote village in Cameroon's fertile north-west region. Land is owned by the community, with the Fon (Chief) acting as custodian on their behalf, however, at present less than 10% of this land is farmed. This small agricultural activity provides limited subsistence for the villagers.

Our project seeks to tackle the issue of youth migration to urban areas through introducing modern methods of farming and working with the Development Association to boost crop production, increasing subsistence stock but also to commercialise their output, bringing crops to market both locally and nationally. 

The construction of an agricultural training centre has kick-started activity in the village and was built in collaboration with a team of local men and women, and with support from Cardiff University's Global Opportunities Centre. The long term aim of the project is to establish a growing cash-crop enterprise led by the village; providing local employment, offering training in valuable modern farming techniques, and generating income for wider development.

Location: Kuk, Cameroon