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Sanergy Head Office

Sanergy promotes the fundamental human right to sanitation in the slums of Kenya by increasing access to and usage of hygienic sanitation facilities. They create an efficient, equitable, and sustainable sanitation cycle by building a dense network of small-scale sanitation centers across the slums, a low-cost containerized waste collection infrastructure, and converting this waste at their central processing facility into useful byproducts, such as organic fertilizer and renewable energy.

A rapidly-expanding social enterprise, Sanergy have taken over new headquarters in Nairobi. Providing a full end-to-end service, Orkidstudio have revitalised an old warehouse in the city's Industrial Area, re-arranging the existing spaces, adding skylights and designing and fabricating their new furniture. The office will accommodate up to 150 staff, with extensive meeting, conference and cafeteria space.

Location: Nairobi, Kenya

Client: Sanergy

Year: 2017

Status: In Process

Size: 1,100 m2