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"Construction as a woman, it’s an advantage in future. You don’t need to fear, you need to have a heart of saying ‘I’ll do it, I too can do men’s work’!"

Ruth, aged 25

Disrupting the male-dominated construction sector, we are creating opportunities for women through training and employment, and inspiring a new generation of female leaders.


Total number of women trained and employed since inception.


Of total workforce employed since inception are female.


Of those employed and trained are under 35 years old.


In Kenya, women are significantly disadvantaged both socially and economically with over half the female population living below the poverty line ($3.10/day) and less than 50% of girls educated beyond primary school level.

Despite being one of the fastest growing sectors in East Africa, and globally, women in the construction industry account for less than 10% of the total global workforce with fewer than 1% involved in on-site trades. There is also an alarming skills gap, especially in East Africa, due to inadequate education and training in trade skills. We believe this must change.


"The biggest impact this project has created is that all the men here now look at us differently. They respect us."

Judith, aged 27


We strive to ensure our workforces always consist of at least 50% women, performing the same jobs as their male counterparts at the same fair pay rates. The women who join our program are trained in skills across bricklaying, carpentry and metalwork, graduating with a certification and the prospect of significantly increasing their income.

We promote women to key leadership roles across our work sites and seek to build life skills and leadership competencies which are transferrable to other sectors and income-generating ventures.


"We feel happy when we’re working with men, as we are paid equally and thus feel we are equal. Never in my life would I have imagined this. I am used to tilling soil and washing people’s clothes to earn a living."

Hellen, aged 31


We are developing a model which transforms the lives and prospects of disadvantaged young women and disrupts the male-dominated construction industry, at scale. Through a self-sustaining model which blends training, production and employment within a holistic design build environment, our plan is to train hundreds of thousands of women in construction skills over the next decade.


"I learnt how to build and do other jobs which I’ve never done in my life."

Jesca, aged 23