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Orkidstudio creates high quality, affordable and healthy buildings through an exceptional end-to-end design and construction process.


We love to get involved at the very earliest stages of a project, helping you take control of an idea and kickstart your journey.

Our work is centred on placing value in local people and materials. Our team immerse themselves in the local community from the earliest stages of any project.


We develop exceptional design solutions which are founded on human-centred principles and prioritise environmental performance, functionality and local resources.

We specialise in frugal design challenges, helping our clients achieve the most for an affordable price.


We offer a trusted service, based on transparency and strong communication, reliably delivering projects on schedule and budget.

We deliver high quality and durable buildings upheld to international standards.

As a registered Contractor, we provide a full construction management service, overseeing sub-contractors and all site works to ensure a hassle-free journey from start to finish.


We focus on the ‘process’ of design and construction as much as the final product, leveraging opportunities for local employment, education and women in construction.

We measure our impact and invest time reflecting on completed projects. Always open to change, we strive to continually improve our process and maximise our impact.